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  • LET’S START WITH THE UPDATE ISSUED MONDAY JANUARY 29TH, 2018: “Due to Mother Nature, Mosaïvernales has temporarily closed the exhibit to allow the team of sculptors from Harbin to rework the snow sculptures damaged over the weekend. The next update will be communicated this Thursday February 1st, 2018.”
  • IMPACTS OF THE WEATHER ON THE EXHIBIT: The freezing rain of mid-January, and the warm temperatures of this past weekend (January 26th to 28th) impacted the production of the event and severely damaged the sculptures and path.


  1. EXHIBIT: Reopens tomorrow Friday January 2nd at dusk (5 p.m.)
  2. SPOTLIGHT ON THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT – NIGHTIME EVENT: An illuminated journey amongst mythical icons, fairies and gods sculpted in snow.
  3. MODIFIED VISITOR HOURS: From now on, the site will be open daily from dusk (approx. 5 p.m. early February, then 5.30 p.m. late February) to 10 p.m.; until Sunday March 4th
  4. SCULPTURES: The frescoes that were damaged by the rain and warmth have been reworked, reshaped and retouched.
  5. SOLIDARITY AMONGST SCULPTORS AND FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN NATIONS: The team of Master Sculptors from Harbin have been hard at work since Monday to repair the sculptures. A team of 4 sculptors from the province of Québec arrived Wednesday to offer a helping hand to their fellow artists from Harbin. The “new” team of sculptors is a lovely testimony of the strong solidarity between sculptors with a common artform and passion (snow); as well as a demonstration of the special bond between our two nations. A tribute to the 2018 Canada-China Year of Tourism.
  6. THE 1 KM PATH AND MAIN ENTRANCE: The Operations Team has been hard at work to completely de-ice the 1km trail and ensuring its safety. Adjustments have also been brought to enhance lighting in certain areas along the path. 
  7. VISITORS OF THE OPENING WEEKEND ARE INVITED TO COME BACK:  Ticket holders who visited the event on the 1st weekend (January 26-28) are invited to come back to Jacques-Cartier Park South. Free access will be granted upon presentation of their tickets.
  8. CAFÉ DES MOSAIVERNALES: Speciality coffees have been added to the menu – enjoy an Espresso with Grand Marnier!  Menu items also include homemade soup, chili, bear’s ears, chocolate fondue.
  9. WINTERLUDE: Proud partner of Winterlude, Mosaïvernales will be part of the rendez-vous on this opening weekend of the special 40th anniversary edition. 
  10. THE COUNT OF MOSAÏVERNALES:  Sharing the legends that inspired the creation frescoes and to bring to life the gods and fairies sculpted in snow, The Count of Mosaivernales will be on-site this weekend and in various locations along the Culture Trail of the City of Gatineau. Info and Map:
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